Please stop sharing stolen videos

There’s a pretty crappy thing that’s been happening on Facebook for a while.  It’s the spread of stolen videos and although you didn’t steal them you are guilty of sharing them.

The game works like this.  The Bad Guys find a trending or viral video on YouTube.  Instead of sharing the original video from YouTube the Bad Guys will use screen capture software to download the file and then upload it as if it was their own creation to their Facebook Page.

You come into play when you share the Bad Guys video.  That might look like this:


Seems legit right?  Except that’s not Michelle Dutro’s video.

stolen video2

While it might be hard to tell if who the video owner is, you can easily tell if a video is from YouTube or uploaded directly to a page. A YouTube video looks like this.

stolen video3

And even when someone share the video it’ll still look like this:

stolen video4


There’s nothing wrong with uploading a video directly to Facebook – the issue is that it’s stolen from the content creators.

The amazing part of all of this for me is that most of these I see are from media outlets!  These are institutions that should fully understand the concept of content ownership.

Why are they doing this? They are trying to increase the EdgeRank of their Facebook Page. It’s the algorithm that Facebook uses to decide which posts to show to fans in their newsfeed.  Pages with higher interaction have a higher EdgeRank. Your sharing, likeing and commenting on these posts helps them boost their ranking. Simple as that.


Now as for the true owner of that Badpiper video… I tracked down the person who shot it and uploaded it to their YouTube Channel.  Officially it’s the property of Jackie Jet ( On Youtube it has an ad. It’s the owner who sets the monitization. So it’s from her you are stealing views and as a result actual dollars from. (she accepts your apology).

So did she upload it to Facebook originally? Nope. Check it!

Oh and yeah, the BadPiper? His name is Cam McAze

Here it is (properly shared from YouTube).

Ready, Set, Done!